An elderly woman who lives at a nursing home sent this to our radio station as a thank you gift.  It is a poodle made from golf balls, but apparently the hot glue didn’t hold.

I think it was sweet.  A little creepy to be sent in a box marked syringes, but nice.  So I tell my husband and of course add, “Bless it.”

He starts quoting ‘Happy Gilmore’ at me as the Ben Stiller Character.


I can’t stop laughing… Again, “Bless it.”

Craft Poodle WTF Unexpected Gift Bless it Happy Gilmore Ben Stiller

All About That Bass


All About That Bass | Meghan Trainor

Yeah, my mama she told me don’t worry about your size.
She says boys like a little more booty to hold at night.
You know, I won’t be no stick figure silicone Barbie Doll.
So, if that’s what you’re into then go ahead and move along.

Because you know I’m
all about that bass,
about that bass;
no treble.

I’m bringing booth back!

(via errantcohle)

all about that bass no treble